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A grand affair at Addington Palace

Grand Prix, Amnesia and Piano rose bouquet for Addington Palace

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

Enormous congratulations to Hannah and Alwyn who got married at St Mary’s Church in Hayes and then moved on the the fabulous Addington Palace for the post-nuptial celebrations.  Hannah made really bold choices with the colours she went for and Stemgirl reckons the sumptuous combination of lilacy-grey Amnesia and velvety red Grand Prix and Piano roses are completely fabulous!

Amnesia, Grand Prix and Piano rose bouquet

Photo by Kirsten Mavric





Gypsophila pew end Addington Palace

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

Grand prix bridesmaids' bouquets

Photo by Kirsten Mavric









Addington Palace is one of those venues that really does take your breath away! When I first visited it, I think I uttered a selection of ooohs and aaaahs that made me sound a bit silly after a while.  But it is truly, spectacularly grand!  The tables were laid out under an enormous, ornate chandelier that looks like something out of Versailles so the table centres had to live up to their surroundings.  Stem nailed it with a mixture of tall and short martini glass vases overflowing with vintagey red and lilac roses with splashes of off-white lisianthus and silvery-grey eucalpytus.

Martini glass vase table centre


Abundant Top Table decoration featuring Amnesia and Grand Prix roses

Short martini glass vase with Grand Prix and Amnesia roses, white lisianthus, Granada alstromeria and eucalyptusTall and short martini glass vase table centres


Sumptous Top Table decoration

A massive thank you to Kirsten Mavric for the use of her fabulous photographs in this blog.

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

And thanks, too, to Serge for the ones he took.

loving this dress thing

Wow!  Professional photos of my flowers are on the wonderful Love My Dress blog after a really fun photo-shoot at Beauberry House.  Wedding organiser Andri Benson brought together a group of fabulous South London women who are all in the wedding trade and we rocked the whole day.  Pretty vintage flowers, romantic dresses, amazing cakes.   And now one very proud stemgirl.

And here are some of the photos I took.  Just so you can see the difference between my efforts and what a professional can do!

garden of (mimi) eden

If you’re thinking pretty and vintage I think the delicious colours of this delicate rose are absolutely fantastic in a bouquet or table centre.  I’ve used them here with ‘Akito’ roses, ‘Jana’ spray roses and wonderful, wonderful ‘Roma’ astrantia so the bright pink just pops here and there.  However, ‘Mimi Eden’ looks really beautiful when used on its own.  Recently, little posies for flower girls looked very cute.

On the down side, the petals are really delicate so I am very picky about the bunches I buy as there’s often already evidence of bruising at the market.  And they are not cheap!  But worth it, I reckon.

pretty ammi

I absolutely love the filigree, lacy white flower head of ammi majus. It’s in season in the from late spring to the end of the summer although we can buy it from the market all year round. Its feathery leaves look a bit like dill but I’ve just found out that it’s related to the carrot! Ammi is normally used as a ‘filler’ flower to bring, perhaps, a delicate touch to a bridal bouquet. The texture of a bouquet is definitely softened by its addition. And, as an extension of this, it works gorgeously when added to buttonholes or corsages.
But I’d like to make more of this fabulous flower. It looks stunning when used abundantly on its own. A vase overflowing with ammi stems conjures up an image of wispy, summery clouds. Or vintage lace curtains fluttering in a warm breeze.

Liadan's bouquet

Liadan included ammi in her hand-tied bouquet which also contained a beautiful combination of very pale peach ‘Juliet’ roses, white ‘Avalanche’ roses, ivory ‘Viviane’ spray roses, florets of white ‘Schneeball’ hydrangeas, ivory ‘Echo Geel’ lisianthus, white ‘Versailles’ freesias, lime green bupleurum and touches of berried ivy. I used tiny pearl detailing to give a vintage feel to the bouquet. Gorgeous.