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A grand affair at Addington Palace

Grand Prix, Amnesia and Piano rose bouquet for Addington Palace

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

Enormous congratulations to Hannah and Alwyn who got married at St Mary’s Church in Hayes and then moved on the the fabulous Addington Palace for the post-nuptial celebrations.  Hannah made really bold choices with the colours she went for and Stemgirl reckons the sumptuous combination of lilacy-grey Amnesia and velvety red Grand Prix and Piano roses are completely fabulous!

Amnesia, Grand Prix and Piano rose bouquet

Photo by Kirsten Mavric





Gypsophila pew end Addington Palace

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

Grand prix bridesmaids' bouquets

Photo by Kirsten Mavric









Addington Palace is one of those venues that really does take your breath away! When I first visited it, I think I uttered a selection of ooohs and aaaahs that made me sound a bit silly after a while.  But it is truly, spectacularly grand!  The tables were laid out under an enormous, ornate chandelier that looks like something out of Versailles so the table centres had to live up to their surroundings.  Stem nailed it with a mixture of tall and short martini glass vases overflowing with vintagey red and lilac roses with splashes of off-white lisianthus and silvery-grey eucalpytus.

Martini glass vase table centre


Abundant Top Table decoration featuring Amnesia and Grand Prix roses

Short martini glass vase with Grand Prix and Amnesia roses, white lisianthus, Granada alstromeria and eucalyptusTall and short martini glass vase table centres


Sumptous Top Table decoration

A massive thank you to Kirsten Mavric for the use of her fabulous photographs in this blog.

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

Photo by Kirsten Mavric

And thanks, too, to Serge for the ones he took.

a riot of colour

Dendrobiums, delphiniums, roses and mint

“Apart from the vows, the flowers are the most important part of my day” said my bride when I first met her.  No pressure, then!  This wedding was a real challenge for me because I knew how vital it was to get things right.  Not because Emily had outrageous demands but because getting the colours and textures spot-on were fundamental to making a massive, creative impact.  Oh, and the flowers needed to be individual, distinctive and un-weddingy….

Bridesmaid's bouquet of Grand Prix and Milano roses with mint and bupleurum

Flower girl's bucket of dendrobium orchids, Grand Prix roses and bupleurum






I have to say that I absolutely adore the combination of flowers and foliage we decided upon.  Magenta dendrobium orchids, intensly blue ‘Volkerfrieden’ delphiniums, deep cerise ‘Milano’ and garnet red ‘Grand Prix’ roses literally popped out of lush green flowering mint and zinging green bupleurum.  And the little details of red and pink satin ribbons on the bouquets, or the red pail for the flower girl, just added to the slightly quirky impact of the flowers.  Completely gorgeous!

Colour-filled tableAn abundance of flowers for tablesAbundant table vases

Beauberry House is a very beautiful venue and a fabulous backdrop for gorgeous flowers so the absolute abundance we had really did the job of bringing colour and excitement to every room.  A wonderfully riotous and (not so) random selection of vessels and flowers adorned every availabe windowsill, table, mantelpiece and loo with everything coming together in an enormous expolsion of foliage and blooms in a contemporary Entrance Hall pedestal.  The two olive trees at the main doors didn’t get away with staying as they were – red and pink ribbons were candy-striped down the trunks and complementary kalanchoe plants were crammed around the bottom of each.  A rather exhausting day for stem flowers, I have to say, but there’s nothing so good as knowing that a venue looks fantastic and that the bride and groom love what you’ve done!

Olive tree with candy stripe ribbons with red and pink kalanchoes